AKAF well-developed program intends:

  • To enable young children to familiarize themselves with the most modern methods of social integration.

  • to facilitate the physical, cognitive and emotional development of the child, and develop his autonomy and social skills, notably through:

  • he development of sensorimotor, spatio-temporal, semiological, imaginative and expressive skills;

  • Exercises in basic practical and artistic activities (drawing, modeling, painting, role-playing, singing and music …);

  • Preparing activities to foster reading and writing.
    To this end, we offer room for reading, graphic design, writing, painting, museum, discovery of the world, material and objects, board games, music and musical instruments, computers, associated with after school activities.
    The child is at the center of all attentions. He is taught to move in a discovery mode, to the quest for knowledge. He will immerse in an environment conducive to fostering his autonomy.