The pedagogical approach focuses on meeting the needs of the child.
On the didactic level, we give the child certain autonomy, allowing him time to live his first experiences while exposing him to new acquisitions.

It consists of :

  • Teaching and acquiring new skills while having fun
  • Introducing new information and communication technologies in classrooms practices in a very early age
  • Encouraging motor, physical and sports activities in children.
  • Opening up to the environment and exploit it pedagogically
  • Focusing on child health monitoring and health education.
  • Developing citizenship education
  • Initiating him to the scientific approach
  • Establishing exchange and cooperation between educators from the same institution and / or from different institutions/ In service training.
  • Integrating pre-school assessment into the educational process.
    Our aim is to meet children’s demand in terms of needs: safety, socialization, motor exploration, learning, and many more.
    AKAF plans to start a Preparatory Class (CP) to accompany children from Grande Section to Primary School.